Freshly ground for a World of Taste

A passion for the flavours of the East inspired the concept of SpiceMecca. In 1994 Shreef Abass launched SpiceMecca, a spice and ancillaries business, with the vision of selling conveniently blended, pure ground spices to the public. This vision with a purpose, forms part of SpiceMecca’s business philosophy, founded on the principles of professionalism, quality, productivity and a generous measure of optimism. This has catapulted SpiceMecca into a leading brand. Over the next twenty years, SpiceMecca has acquired a rather intuitive relationship with spice, becoming the most visible icon of great taste and a healthy lifestyle.

We believe that by socialising around food, we break down barriers and get to know each other better and hence become united as a nation. Despite our diversities we encourage people of the world to unite by sharing their cuisine with each other.

Health and Food Safety

At SpiceMecca we are committed to upholding our vision and responsibility, which is to provide our customers with food safe quality products throughout the defined food chain, that meets all health specifications at the best price and agreed delivery times. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of our customers completely by maintaining the high standards we have set for ourselves. In order to achieve this we are committed to manufacturing excellence, quality control and continuous product development whilst scrupulously adhering to the highest health and safety standards.

Cookeasy Lifestyle

It is our mission to place the very best merchandise on the shelves, having the requisite quality, nutrition, health benefits and taste solutions, thereby providing complete satisfaction to the customer. Our customers all enter a prestigious lifestyle of authentic cooking. The recipe and manufacturing technologies used in the construction of our products promote an authentic “cookeasy” lifestyle’.

Going Green

SpiceMecca encourages healthy eating and organic living.  We encourage vegetable days and have an extensive range of meat-free products. Our latest machinery is eco-friendly, using less electricity and creating less waste, yet still producing a magnificent product. Our factory recycles on a daily basis and all waste is kept at a minimum.


Spice Mecca is located in a world class modern factory. It has the capacity to supply continental and international markets efficiently with its award winning productivity, quality and food safety systems.  The installation is also equipped with state of the art machinery operated by well trained personnel making it a clear leader in many aspects of food manufacturing and distribution.

Giving Back a Little

Community Involvement has always been a great part of SpiceMecca. From empowering small business owners to funding non-profitable charities, SpiceMecca is grateful to be in a position that allows us to give a helping hand in making this world a better place.